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Mission "To give integrated solutions, made on the base of qualification, skills, knowledge and talent in the sphere of auditing, accounting, taxes, finances, law and business."

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АКТИВ е независим член на Активити Национална Мрежа АД (ANN)

АКТИВ е независим член на Geneva Group International (GGI)


  • Business consulting

  • Business evaluation

    • Overall evaluation of the company
    • Evaluation of corporate share
    • Physical evaluation of shares
    • Evaluation of machines and equipment
    • Real-estate evaluation
    • Intellectual property evaluation

  • Strategic business resource analysing

  • Risk management

  • Management of enterprises in crisis

  • Management of enterprises in liquidation

  • Management of enterprises in insolvency for the purpose of avoiding liquidation procedure

  • Recovery programs

  • Business projects

    • Business plan for development for definite period of time
      • Analysis of inside and outside environment
        • Organization form
        • Characterization of activities
        • Financial and Economic condition
        • Evaluation of activ business establishment
        • Staff and organization-management structure
        • Property value
        • Evaluation management effectiveness
        • Macro and microeconomic environment
        • Public environment
        • Law environment
        • Department, activity and service
        • System and non-system analysis risks, connected with the activity
        • SPACE analysis
        • Business structure analysis
        • Vital cycle of a product
        • SWOT analysis
      • Planing and prognostication
        • Strategic planing
        • Strategic alternatives
        • Marketing politics
        • Prognostic financial - economic indexes
    • Investment project
      • Investment plan
      • Technical-economic statement
      • Financial-economic statement
      • Prognostic financial-economic indexes
      • Risk evaluation
        • Recovery rate
        • Time to redeem the Investment
      • Information prospectus
      • Information memorandum
      • Financial pattern
    • Projects for stabilize and development
      • Recovery programs
      • Optimization for redeem the takings
        • approaches: trade, law, financial, advertising, auditing
      • Otlay optimization by АВС analysis
        • Business processes classification and connecting in network in horizontal and vertical direction
        • Bulding the functional-information or object-orientation models of business processes
        • Determination of cost price for business processes, reading unit result (factor)
      • Request for bank-credit
        • Financial-economic statement
        • Prognostic financial streams
        • Development business plan for the credit time
    • Projects for EU programs